Emma Fitzpatrick, 30th Oct – 12 Nov 2021

I loved spending time at Brisons Veor. I am very grateful for this amazing opportunity to focus on developing my art and to live in a different way for the two weeks without distractions in a beautiful area.

Initially, I found myself just staring at the landscapes around me, (in particular the dramatic cliff view from the studio), and popping out at night to look at the stars. I loved the contrast of the quiet, still interior of the house until I opened a window and felt the blast of wind and very loud, exhilarating sound of the sea.

I sketched outdoors most days as there was so much that I wanted to draw and then developed work around the sketches in the studio – both painting upstairs and printing downstairs with my little press. Developing work from sketches is a new way of working for me. I experimented with mediums and papers and started to paint over my prints with washes and I am excited to see where this all goes during 2022.

Having very limited access to my phone and social media really helped to create a far more peaceful headspace than I normally allow myself. This helped me to focus more on my work, read, think and slow down which is something I would like to bring into my life a lot more.

I really enjoyed meeting locals, tourists and spending some time in the great cafés in St Just – I never felt lonely even though I spent most of my time alone. I wrote a daily diary which really helped me to work through thoughts and stay focused.

Having access to a great studio space, stunning landscape and time away from everyday life proved very fruitful to deepen my work and thinking. I will greatly miss this place.