David and Rita Kelly

We stayed at Brisons Veor in 2014 and we wanted to continue the challenge presented by it’s dramatic surroundings and concentrate on painting the sea.


Rita Kelly The sea is a new subject for me and I struggled to represent the sea’s dynamism and force. I drew and painted watercolours on the coast and in Priests Cove and by the end of the second week felt that I had achieved some success in engaging with it’s movement and power painting in the studio. The unique viewpoint from the studio and having time to make mistakes and try again is a privilege


David Kelly I have studied Turner and other artists and my primary aim was to paint the sea and all the range of feelings and emotions stirred by tidal and weather conditions. Fortunately there were some gales and high seas. I worked hard to build up paintings to capture some of the power and sublime timelessness of the subject. It was a very special experience and a great privilege to have the opportunity to engage first hand with such an awesome subject.