Christine Linfield & Margaret Dean

21-28 February 2015

howling gales, huge seas and sun, plenty of February sunshine

fleeting clouds, gannets, gulls and spray with steadfast Longships in the
distance and the occasional glimpse of Wolf Lighthouse

The Gift of the Sea

“The Gift of the Sea” sums up this week in this borderspace of Cape Cornwall, we knew not what day it was, but merely that the tide comes in and the tide goes out. A week of nothing to do but to spend time capturing the wild winter seas, the colour, the wild strength of this landscape. It was a real advantage to be so close to it all, to be able to pop outside, sketch, feel and smell the sea and return to the studio. We were blessed with a continually changing sea full of the most incredible energy. Sketchbooks full of fleeting drawings captured around the Cape, raw wildness juxtapositioned against man’s attempts to tame this place: the small chapel, little fishing huts in various states of being washed away!

The studio enabled larger pieces to be worked on too, there was something very raw about being able to take the energy from outside and immediately locate it into an 80 x 80cm canvas which just wouldn’t have been possible outside with the wind howling around the Cape. I was glad to have taken my own easel (there are several in the house) but there is something in knowing ones own.


And all too soon our time was up, leaving with a wealth of material to be worked on during the year. Some of the Work will be shown at joint exhibitions in St Ives in April at the Salthouse Gallery and some at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, I also have a sketchbook full of work that I shall be developing over the summer and will be exhibiting at Devon Open Studios.

As the Mist Lifts, 25x23cms, acrylic on board, Christine Linfield

Christine Linfield As the Mist Lifts 25x23 cm acrylic on board

The Gift of the Sea, 80x80cms, acrylic on canvas, Christine Linfield

Christine Linfield The Gift of the Sea 80x80cm acrylic on canvas

Cove, 76x76cmx, mixed media on canvas, Margaret Dean

Cove mixed media  on canvas 76cm x 76cm Margaret  Deans[2]


Studio interior