Christine Felce, 12 – 25th February 2022

It was amazing to be at Brisons Veor during so many storms. It was sometimes hard to even open the front door during the storms, such an elemental experience. I became interested in the minute plants and lichen that hang on to the rocks in such a windswept environment. I used the colours of the lichen as a restricted pallet for some of my work. The view from the window was engrossing I spent a lot of time watching the shapes water makes as it moves. I took this knowledge and worked on some drawings. I translated the pared down shapes from the water drawings into cut out blocks for printing.

I created a series of cards that I filmed then posted to friends to keep them posted about the residency. I will soon produce a short animation from the printed cards that I produced by hand influenced by the colours of the lichen and the photographs I made. I put a series of images of work and photos on my instagram account christine-felce. I have made a short animation that I have attached of the water/boat block prints I carved and printed.