I set out for Brisons Veor in May, to create sketches, paintings, photos and short films as research in order to make a fourth piece in a series of ‘textile and film’ paintings I’ve been working on for 3 years. I was very inspired and excited by the whole environment, particularly focusing on the sea, the landscape, rock formations and the wild plants.

Towards Lands End

I became fascinated by the layers of colours I saw in the sea and the rock pools. I made sketches, paintings, photographs, and short films of the sea, the landscape and rock formations.


All of these elements will be vital for me to create my large textile and film seascape.

I produced plenty of material to make several pieces in the future.

I learnt that staying in one location can produce many ideas, and the proposed project could expand beyond just one idea. I have already received interest in two of my seascapes, acrylic on canvas, and intend to make prints to offer them for purchase.

I am working towards an exhibition of seven textile-film pieces to be shown in the UK and USA, of which the Brisons Veor ‘Textile-Film’ piece will be included.

Charlotte Humpston – Painter and Textile Artist