Cathy Ensor

25 July-8 August 2015

My project was to discover my best method of gathering visual information on location in order to produce more considered paintings in egg tempera in the studio. On this residency I was able to experiment with various media and found my most successful method to be pen and ink drawings for tone and form with a colour annotations superimposed.

I am planning to produce a body of work for an exhibition, and also to teach workshops putting into practice the most successful methods of planning and producing paintings which I have developed during my residency at Brisons Veor.


Large observational drawing in pen and ink made at Priest Cove over a period of five mornings, the timing dictated by lighting conditions and tides.


Sketch book studies in pen and ink made at Porthledden. A very early start was needed for the light to be clearly defining the rocks.


Sketch book studies made from Gwynver beach.


Priest Cove pebble study completed in egg tempera.