Catherine Headley

9 – 16 January 2016

I was very pleased with the results of my stay.  Having lost my husband last April, I had not painted for a year.  I needed to process my thoughts and get excited about something again.  The silence within Brisons Veor, amplified by the sea, is conducive to thought.  I love to be alone there but do not feel lonely.


Catherine Headley – ‘Carn Euny’ 2016


I have during past visits, visited the sites of standing stones.  Reading the notes in the red folder I was prompted to visit the Pendeen Fogou.  Amanda Pickering then told me about Carn Euny and the magnificent fogou there, so I visited that also.  I was fascinated by the stone work of these sites and it subconsciously provided me with imagery for my work.  I was able to start painting.


Catherine Headley – ‘Stone Assemblage’ 2016



Catherine Headley – ‘Fogou’ 2016