Carrie Mason, 26 March – 1 April 2022

“we had a wonderful time thank you so very much, BV is a magical place and we are very lucky to have had the opportunity to stay- a much needed rest recharge and inspiration flowing on every tide ”

I spent a week at Brisons Veor in March 2022. I originally planned to go alone for a week of intensive research into using the sea and salt water as a material for transformational change. However, following my husband’s recent cancer surgery the Trust kindly agreed that he could accompany me for a much-needed period of convalescence. We spent our days mainly at or near the cottage with a few trips out to Penzance, Sennen and St Just for supplies. Following a difficult few months, I was unable to work as intensively as I had planned but the quiet location, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the sea gave us both much needed time to rest, and gave me the head space to read, research, sketch and think about how my project might develop over the coming year.

I spent time at Priest’s Cove and Sennen, dipping my materials in the sea, including myself, and gathering more materials that had been carried on the tide.

And began making small paper casts of these treasures.

I became transfixed with the view of the horizon. That line where the sea meets the sky has become my favourite line of all. I spent hours observing and listening to the sea, making simple line drawings several times a day and tonal studies in my sketch book, and began to develop these in stitch and paper sculpture.

Since returning home I have started making a series of work called Carried by the Sea where the treasures that I collected are held by thread, as they were once held by the sea, on small “collecting” cards. I hope to continue collecting and adding to this series and eventually exhibit them alongside my other sea related drawings, printmaking and sculpture in my first solo exhibition next year.