Caroline Chorou and Jindra Jehu 15/07/17 – 22/07/17

Jindra Jehu

The residency was an incredibly intense and rewarding experience. We were acutely aware of the limits in term of time and were determined to make full use of the week, beginning by working into the night on our first evening and only punctuated by a couple of short research visits, one to Geevor mining museum.

I appreciated the opportunity to be able to work alongside Caroline Chourou for a sustained amount of time. We spent hours discussing ideas, sharing thoughts and feeding back on the work produced. Since we work in very different ways it was a fascinating experience

Caroline Chorou

I had a very successful week, although I felt I would have benefitted from staying longer as it took me a while to settle in. I really enjoyed having the time and space to experiment with materials and I have developed some new mixed media methods as a result of the residency.

A visit to Geevor Mine. I was quite astonished by the vastness of the underground mines and how they were built under the sea. Following my visit, I plan to do a project on mining in Cornwall with my GCSE pupils with particular regard to the mining paintings of Kurt Jackson.