Carole Bury, 9 – 15 April 2022

My hope for the week was ‘to become less adrift’.

I brought a folder of papers and a Princess Pleater. This is a hand operated machine with rollers and needles which pleats fine papers or fabrics. A fellow Embroiderer, had recently lent me one to trial. This week, in a new place seemed to be providing the perfect opportunity.

In addition, I brought a slim folder of Garden Drawings with me, which needed more time spent on them for a Solo show starting in May 2022 at Painswick Rococo Garden in Gloucestershire.

Working upstairs with the beautiful sea as a backdrop, presented me with rhythms and colours, invading the work slowly and unobtrusively. I adored the calm changing greys, however my senses were awoken to amazing blues and aquas and drama. My work generally is monochromatic, but colour has peeped into the textiles!

Looking back through my sketch book and the week’s concentrated work, I see that my dreams are beginning to work.

I have resolved so much, I believe the privacy of being up a level and looking out at the sea was key. It is constant, always there, whether I am or not, I loved this. I alter my garden at home, I tinker and weed and redesign the plots, but here, I don’t need to do anything, but look, listen and dream. Somehow these small paper pieces will grow up, mature and be very loud in their quietness.

They work on levels, one image dissolves into another as they are pleated. They are calm and quietly confident.

Having the Studio downstairs allowed the Garden Drawings to stay very separate from the new ideas upstairs – what a treat, normally my studio at home has work pinned up, covering easels and laid all over tables and charting all aspects of my practice. These drawings are now framed and showing in the Rococo Garden in Gloucestershire.

To clear my head for a week has been a privilege and extremely valuable. Time away from the everyday nature of our art practices has been refreshing.

Definitely less adrift.