Anita McCullough, July 17-23, 2021

My plan was to bring together two diverse media: double exposure photography and abstract watercolour painting. This was something I hadn’t tried before, not having had the time and space to give it a proper go, so the contained isolation (if I can call it that!) of Brisons Veor was ideal. The landscape being both enticing and formidable; and the wayside flora exceptionally beautiful: I was not short of inspiration. It took a day for me to get my creative bearings, and then things fell into place.

I began by taking my materials for a walk over a few grassy promontories. It was bliss. It is so easy to capture a sense of time and place when one can sit and paint with no distractions. Other than having to grab the binoculars occasionally, of course, to admire a friendly gull, a busy rock pipit, or observe a flock of playful, red-billed, Cornish choughs. I did enjoy the birds, especially as there were so many juveniles around, having as much fun as I was.