Amanda Oliphant

19 July – 30 July 2016


Placing pieces of art outside each day within an ART HONESTY BOX over a set period of seven days was the biggest challenge I had set myself as I did not know how it would be received, if it would get vandalized or even taken away. I produced up to seven pieces of art each day, logged and labeled, being placed outside the following day. I had set myself a task that demanded more focus and time than anticipated. Producing this type of art, art that interacts with people and place, allowed me to investigate the ‘Invisible Boundaries’ we set ourselves. I had hoped to read and write more but keeping a daily diary of events and photographing the process will support a future book of the project.


At the end of each project day around 6pm, I was surprised to find that all of the pieces of art had gone (excluding one day) and a sum of money was recovered from the secure Tin. Donations also included some business cards and a tiny watercolor painting thanking me on the back for the experience.