This was my first visit to Brisons Veor. I know the area well, and have previously made work that references the area to the north – Botallack, Bosigran, Morvah (a large painting titled ‘Portheras’ is currently on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro). Walking is important in my work, so I planned to walk whenever possible. Most days at least included a walk up around the headland and down to Porthledden, but many days were spent further afield. I took many photographs.

Cape X - Adam Milford

Cape X – Adam Milford

It wasn’t all hard work though. The view from the house is incredible. We had choughs on the rocks above the house, kestrels hunting, grey seals, butterflies, orchids, samphire, and a pod of dolphins. We also made the long walk up the hill to Lafrowda Day.
My first works made at Brisons Veor were disappointing, and didn’t survive the cull. I began taking rubbings from the slate sign outside. By the end of my second week I was making drawings I was happy with.
I had watched the farmer cut the chapel field for hay, followed the next day by the baler. The last few works were attempts to use a pencil in the same way the baler uses the field – each bale being a record of that field, but not a transcription or illustration.

Baler III - Adam Milford

Baler III – Adam Milford

Adam Milford