The sequestered spirit: artists in isolation – (working title)

An enthusiastic Hello! to everyone who may take the time to reach out of social isolation to share their news, ideas and aspirations with others. You have all spent time at Brisons Veor, and many of you have had life-changing experiences and made lasting commitments to your practice while staying here, at the edge of the ocean.

We at the Trust have been devastated at having to close Brisons Veor down, and to postpone so many residencies, with the prospect of having to cancel more  in months to come. The virus has hit the Arts community so badly that you must all be wondering, as we are, what is the future for artists now? How will we survive?  How will we show our work, sell our work, share our work? And for small arts organisations like Brisons Veor, we wonder too, how will we survive, and if we do, in what form?

At the time of writing, nothing is really certain. The number of daily deaths and confirmed cases is not abating, and rightly, the government will not promise when lockdown might be lifted. All we can do is hope that this crisis does resolve enough for us to begin to plan ahead.

Meanwhile we’d like to offer you all this space to tell us a little about your lives in isolation. Maybe you’re working on a new project? Maybe you’ve become really blocked? Maybe you’re doing something completely different, and your work has to take the ‘back burner’ for a while? Perhaps you have an idea for a collaborative project?  If you’d like to share your experiences with other  residents of Brisons Veor, send your news to with ‘Artists in isolation’ in the Subject line. Maximum 250 words, your name, website address and two images. We’ll do what we can to keep the connections open, and look forward to hearing from you.