Penny Green


Cape Cornwall Saturday 27th March April 2016.

Arrived here at the tail end of storm Katy, azure blue day, racing clouds, sea a seething cauldron of ultramarine white and a roaring wind. The road down the hill leads to a little house at the end of the world.
I am overwhelmed by the large sploshing waves, surely we will be blown out to sea. Quickly get inside with my stuff and lock the door to stop the wind blowing it open.
It is a small place and very warm and cosy, I cook, have a bath and flake out on the bedroom. I love this bedroom, it feels embedded down and protected, the wind howls outside but I am safe in this milky white room.
The first day, the start of a routine so what to do– reorganise the big studio room for work.
Am quite self conscious here and timid in the house though to whom I don’t know. Start with mono-printing although I have not brought the right inks etc. Use oil paints which don’t really work. So just use the black etching ink which luckily I bought.

Make simple mono prints based on photo’s taken at Trencrom Hills near St Ives and like these. Decide to use my watercolours for washy marbly textures on lovely thick paper.

Experiments in printing

For me it was a wonderful opportunity to think and do with no interruptions at all. After a few days the weather improves from dull to singing sunshine and I start to enjoy being here and feel more relaxed.

I am so glad to have the 2 weeks as it does take time to adjust and for ideas I wanted to work on to peculate to the surface as the surroundings are so overwhelming, which is another reason why a longer time is so good.


Inspired by the hugeness of sky, sea and a visit to Kurt Jacksons studio   Having this large studio to myself I decided to make some larger works and these occupied me for the rest of my time and also head off in a different direction. In the end I have run out of time and have so many ideas for future work. So many walks I have not done and avenues not explored, not yet.