Paula Dunn, painter, 24 March – 7 April 2018

I am generally drawn to paint the weather and its impact on the land so I was really interested to see how this landscape and to witness first-hand the weather’s impact on it, and how this in turn would influence my work.
Ironically the beautiful landscape, crashing waves could have been a distraction so I started out with ensuring I had some structured to the day with a good balance of working as well as exploring the environment and getting some exercise. This worked extremely well and enabled me to produce a significant amount of work over a short period of time.
I started off each day with 4 small paintings as warm up exercises. These quickly turned into more developed paintings as the residency progressed. With each day a new palette resulted in a different series of paintings. The result was a visual diary of the weather and my walks around Brisons Veor and in total over 50 paintings were produced.

I also showed my work at the recent Saltaire Arts Trail which had over 2000 visitors.

I am being interviewed for the Saltaire Review on my residency with the aim to publicize the work I produced as well as the benefits of the residency.