Natasha Langridge, 25th -30th April 2021

I live in London on an estate that is being ‘regenerated’ i.e demolished. It is very traumatic and difficult to write here. The sound of bulldozers and drills is not inspiring. But the sound and movement of the sea is. Its rhythms comforted my soul. I discovered a more gentle process of writing at Brisons. It took a while to adjust from brutality to peace but I was able to open to playful creativity. I was also able to focus for longer periods of time than I have in London and to really immerse myself in the world of my characters and feel their beating hearts. I reimagined the story of my play, Scourge, and got a much strong through line for it. I wrote and rewrote 5 powerful- and tender – scenes. I left Brison’s with a breathing draft of a play I have been struggling with for quite some time. Scourge has a new lease of life and so do I!

Scourge will first be performed as a site- specific piece of theatre across the outside walkways of the Wornington Green Estate in North Kensington. It is the housing estate I live on and will have great meaning and significance to its local audiences as soon the estate will be entirely demolished and gone.