Jen Altman, visual artist, 17th February – 3rd March 2018

My stay at Brisons Veor was extraordinary: restorative, creative and exhilarating. Living in that liminal space between land and sea, with little contact with the outside world, I could immerse myself in the natural rhythms of the sea, land, birds and weather. I felt deeply alive, untrammelled by the paraphernalia, demands, distractions and interruptions of everyday life.
I chose February because I wanted bad weather but I didn’t anticipate the snowfall that added drama at the end of the second week! The residency also did what I’d hoped – to bump my work out of the groove I’ve been working in for the past few years and open up new lines of enquiry.

I developed a project that I have been working on occasionally over many years – making drawings of and around my own body – I used whatever material was at hand to draw round my body in different positions on the ground. These places, which bear traces of former human activities – mining and quarrying – gave the work added resonance, as I tracked how the images decayed through the action of tide, weather and humans.