Jasia Szerszynska

30 August – 13 September 2014

It was a wonderful and creative time for me and I felt very lucky to have been offered a residency. The location was amazing and on the practical side the house and studio is so well set up.

I made lots of ink drawings which was just the beginning of a new project for me to be continued in my London studio. I also worked on collagraph and drypoint plates which I began to print on my return.

I alternated days out walking and drawing with days spent in the studios, downstairs for working on the messier work. I was so grateful for the battens on the walls and managed to cover the walls in both studios with small studies.

If ever I needed a break I could gaze out to sea or walk the cliff paths in the evenings if I had been in the studio all day. It was easy to be there without a car. For supplies I could stroll up to St Just in the evenings and bought wonderful vegetables from Bollowall Farm’s laneside shed.

jasia BV 1

Jasia BrV 2

Jasia BrV 3

Jasia BrV 4