Emma Stibbon, 2nd – 14th August 2020

I am very grateful for this residency opportunity – after several months of ‘lockdown’ it was exhilarating to be surrounded by the sea at the dramatic location of Brisons Veor. I spent the time walking and drawing from observation and using my camera. I was able to fill several sketchbooks with studies looking at the tidal movements of the sea and it’s impact on the coastal terrain. This research will contribute to my larger project looking at the effects of a warming climate resulting in receding glaciers and melting ice sheets that are causing sea level rise.

During the residency I was able to take some video footage of drawing out on site (with the help of my partner). This was edited to make a short film https://vimeo.com/458095951  giving insight into my drawing practice, presented by Galerie Bastian in mid September 2020. The research I made will contribute to a solo exhibition planned for 2022 at the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne looking at coastal impact of sea level rise. http://www.emmastibbon.com