Emma George

16 – 30 January 2016
Emma George Feb 16
My time at Brisons Veor was very special, it allowed creative and personal space, something which I have had very little of in the past 20 years as a working mother.

In this magical place my imagination was given space to freewheel. For me, it was as if a door I didn’t know I had, was flung open. I found the stories I had been working on, in a very stilted manner, snatching time when I could, really took flight here. I have rarely felt as free and creatively charged. I turned off my phone, and only used my computer for drafting. I did not use any internet or social media.

Emma George 2 Feb 16


The rhythm of the days, the changing light and the beauty of the landscape fed into my work and my soul. Being kind to yourself as a woman, as a human, as an artist is a wonderful gift. I spent hours daydreaming watching the sea, walking the coast path, eating good food and having lovely baths.