Clare Wood,Lesley Birch and Karen Stamper

28 May to 4 June

Clare: I met Karen Stamper and Lesley Birch in Cambridge over ten years ago through our passion for art. We believe there is a creative magic when groups of artists work in close collaboration; creative flashes or “happy accidents” happen when least expected.




Lesley: The time to reflect has been important to me – to soak up the wild beauty of the residency location and to immerse myself in my practice. The joint residency with Wood and Stamper made the experience even better – we were able to share our media, reflect upon each other’s work and share cooking too!

4-karen-stamper-concertina-sketchbook 5-karen-stamper-drawing-en-plein-air

Karen Stamper


Clare: I wanted to take in everything and spent the first couple of days eagerly sketching wide ocean vistas, Priest’s Cove boats, lobster pots and vivid magenta ‘thrift’ flowers.


However, by the end of day two I was spending all of my time drawing from the monumental rock formations, which seemed to rise up out of the crashing ocean below. Indomitable and bold, their dramatic architecture of craggy edges, fractures and apertures, framed and contrasted with the intense turquoise waters.