Alison Bown, May 16-28th 2021

I struggled with the recordings I wanted to make as it was exceptionally windy and stormy whilst we were there which makes recording wildlife challenging (wind noise on mics is never good) and because the wildlife was in hiding much of the time! However, I did get out on two or three days and got some recordings. I also adapted to the conditions and used contact microphones to record vibrating surfaces.

I began writing and experimenting with a piece of music / new piece of sound design using new equipment on days that I couldn’t get out and have started a piece inspired by the wind and the sea.

I learned that starting a piece of work with no client or external input led to me making some really interesting pieces and this way of working felt nourishing> I plan to take a couple of months out of my commercial practice this year to continue to develop this.

I also worked on a piece of narrative non fiction I am writing and got this is a shape I can see working as a longer piece.